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Presentation on Appointment of Deputy Secretary General by International Fireworks Association--International Fireworks Association(IFA)

Presentation on Appointment of Deputy Secretary General by International Fireworks Association


1st April, 2014

To all members of IFA:

Discussed and passed by the International Fireworks Association, It is hereby announced that Mr. Andrew Tang hold the post of deputy secretary general of International Fireworks Association from 1st April, 2014.




Brief Introduction of Andrew Tang, the Deputy Secretary General of International Fireworks Association


Andrew Tang, BSc. MPhil, CChem FRsc, the royal academician of chemists, chemical engineers,General manager of Hunan Tian Cheng Pyrotechnics Lab.He has a license in analytical chemistry have a license for a professional chemist, with more than 30 years experience in quality assurance field. The member of National Fireworks Standards Committee of China, the member of international Fireworks Association (IFA) expert committee , member of American society for testing and senior member of the royal chemical society . He has been engaged in fireworks, toys, household goods, environmental monitoring, food production and manufacturing cosmetics, and the management of complicated test project and control procedures.He is a chief expert of fireworks factory production, food and medicine production, and medical equipment manufacture according to GMP/HACCP assessment. Since 1994, he has been the manager of Chinese fireworks test project of the American Fireworks Standards Lab(AFSL). Andrew Tang successfully established quality guarantee system and achieves CE2007/23 / EC instruction of C, D and E module and provide consulting services for the fireworks industry .






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