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Charter of IFA--International Fireworks Association(IFA)
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Charter of IFA

The Charter of International Fireworks Association

Article1. The English name of this Association is “International Fireworks Association”, which is shortened as IFA.
Article2.The Association headquarters in Liuyang, China, which is a non-governmental & non-profit-making international fireworks organization registered in China dedicated to the future of fireworks.
Article3. The Association is under the leadership and supervision of the Ministry of Commerce of PRC and the Ministry of Civil Affairs of PRC.
Article4. IFA aims
1) To place effort to strengthen the mutual-beneficial cooperation among all segments of the fireworks industry promoting the smooth development in production, trade and use.
2) To devote itself to strengthening international cooperation in order to promote and maintain safety, quality and technology.
3) To encourage and promote safety in all aspects of the fireworks industry, including manufacturing, transportation, storage, packaging, professional displays and the use of fireworks by individuals.
4) To work to harmonize definitions standards, and regulations, government agencies, and other organizations worldwide with respect to issues involving fireworks
5) To provide information and assistance to fireworks associations, government agencies, and other organizations worldwide with respect to issues involving fireworks safety.
6) To promote the protection of intellectual property rights and to encourage all members to observe all laws and regulations relating to trade marks, patents and copyrights. 
7) To sponsor international meetings to provide a forum for the discussion of fireworks safety matters, as well as other matters related to the international fireworks industry,Developing Fireworks Culture.    
8) To improve its ability of adapting to the continuously changing environment through various support systems.
9) To conduct other sustaining auxiliary activities for realization of objectives above and maintenance of the core benefits of the association.

Chapter 2 Membership

Article5. Fireworks organizations of china, the United States, the United Kingdom, Canada, France, Ukraine, Germany, Australia, South Korea, Hong Kong, Taiwan and other countries or regions are founding members of International Fireworks Association. China Chamber of Commerce of Import and Export of Foodstuffs, Native Produce & Animal By-Products (CFNA) and Liuyang Fireworks Association jointly promoted the establishment of IFA.
Article6. Fireworks producers, traders, associations, research institutions, test institutions and related organizations of all countries or regions can join IFA and pay membership dues by the tenets of “equality, mutual benefits & free will”. Fireworks governing governmental institutions of all countries or regions can join IFA as observers.
Article7. Periodic registration mechanism is established for association members: once a year.
Article8. Membership of the procedures:
1) To submit an application for membership and related information;
2) To be discussed and approved by the Secretariat;
3).To pay annual dues; 
4) To be issued the certificate by the Secretariat Member. 
Article9. The rights of membership: 
1). the Association of the right to vote, stand for election and the right to vote; 
2). participate in the association’s activities, priority access to the information and related information; 
3). Society demands on industry issues of common concern discussion and research; 
4). to make policy recommendations for the government department through the platform of the Association; 
5). the priority will enjoy the full range of services; 
6). the work of the committee to make recommendations and supervision; 
7). voluntary membership, withdraw from the free.
Article10. Member’s obligations:
1). an implementation of the resolutions of the Association;
2). safeguarding the legitimate rights and interests of the Association;
3). enthusiasm for the initiative to assist the work of the Association; 
4). the annual dues paid in full and on time.

Chapter 3 Organic Frameworks

Article11. The convention is the leading organization of the association and the major authorities of the convention:
1)  To draw up and amend The Chapter;
2)  To elect and recall the executive members;
3)  To audit the work report of the executive council;
4)  To draw up annual working plans and objectives;
5)  To decide the standards of fees;
6)  To determine the issue of termination and other important decisions.
Article12. The association has set up the executive committee (EC) which is elected by the convention meeting. The executive committee council is the policy making department of the association, which is responsible for the conference meeting. The members of the executive committee should be appointed by each unit and the number of the commissioners should be 9, and 20% of all the members.
Article13. Major responsibilities of the executive committee are:
1) To carry out decisions of the executive committee, to be responsible for and report to the convention;
2) To elect and recall the vice-chairman and chairman;
3) To organize and prepare for the convention;
4) To discuss and approve the financial budgets and statements of the secretariat;
5) To discuss and approve the nominators of general sectary;
6) To decide and set up official organization, branch organization, representative organization and solid mechanism;
7) To approve the nominators of the honorary president and consultant;
8) To adjust the standard of fees in according to the actual situations when it is inconvenient to hold the convention and when the standard of convention must be adjusted.
9) To decide other important issues
Article14. The executive committee sets up one chairperson and two to five vice-chairpersons who will be elected from members of the executive committee accord to the scale of the association. 
Article15. Responsibilities of the chairperson of the executive committee
1) To organize and constitute objectives, guidelines, policies etc of the Association. 
2) To report to the general meeting on behalf of the executive committee 
3) To convene and take charge of the executive committee meeting 
4) To inspect the general meeting and implementation of resolutions of the executive committee
Article16.Responsibilities of the vice-chairpersons of the executive committee

  1. To assist the chairperson in his work
  2. To take charge of the work assigned by the executive committee

Article17.The Chairperson and Vice-Chairpersons hold one mandate each of two years and can be of re-election and re-appointment and the election will be held during the general meeting. 
Article18.The executive committee can set up several honorary chairpersons and consultants as it is required
Article19. Under the guidance of the executive committee, there are experts committee, production committee, market committee and transportation committee. Member units participate voluntarily in Committees except for experts committee and well-known experts invited by the executive committee from all part of the world occupy commissioners of experts committee. Each committee sets up one director and several deputy directors ranging from 2 to 8 respectively. The exact number is decided by the executive committee according to the practical situation of each committee and is elected by each committee whose regulations will be made moveably. 
Article20. The Association sets up secretariat as the agency of daily work. The office is located in Liuyang City, the People’s Republic of China. There is one general secretary in the secretariat appointed by the executive committee and one deputy general secretary as well as some employees appointed by the general secretary. In the intervals between meetings of the executive committee, the general secretary will take charge of the daily work. 
Article21. Major responsibilities of the secretariat are:
1) To carry out decisions of the convention and the executive committee, to be responsible for and report to the convention and the executive committee;
2) To handle daily works of association, draft and issue various files;
3) To make contacts with related governmental departments, international organizations and members of executive committee & the association;
4) To organize and prepare for important meetings and activities;
5) To develop the membership and the scale of the association;
6) To collect and report data;
7) To be responsible for the organization of communications and cooperation activities;
8) To carry out self-disciplinary and rights protection activities;
9) To make contacts with various associations;
10) To construct and manage the electronic website;
11) To edit and issue publications of the association;
12) To manage the finance and raise the fund of the association;
13) To implement other responsibilities accredited by the executive council.

Chapter 4 Meeting

Article22.The association should hold at least one annual meeting every two years in every founding member country or region by turn and any member unit can apply for holding the annual meeting of the association.
Article23. The executive committee should hold at least one annual meeting every year can be summoned at any time according to the need and can be held in the form of video, e-mail and fax, etc.
Article24. When half of the members (members themselves or their attorneys) are present, the convention meeting is legal. Every member has one vote right. When voting on a policy, two thirds of approval or more can make it pass. 
Article25. The executive council meeting presented by 2/3 commissioners of the executive committee and accords with the quorum. Every commissioner, vice-chairpersons and the chairperson have one voting right. When voting on one resolution, there is no abstain and more than a half affirmative votes means passing. If the pros and cons are equal, the result will be determined by the chairperson of the executive committee. 
Article26. Member or members of the executive committee can accredit attorneys to vote, but only official representatives can accredit attorneys and they should submit written materials detailing the accreditation to the chairman one day ahead of the meeting/convention. The chairperson should accredit a vice-chairperson or general secretary to act chairperson’s behalf.
Article27.Cahiers should be made for the convention, the executive committee meeting and be submitted to member organizations or members.

Chapter 5 Vote

Article28. Elections at all levels of the Association must abide by principles of equity, publicity and democracy and candidates will either be recommended or self-recommended. 
Article29. When the number of candidates is more than the elected, the secret ballot must be adopted and call out the numbers voted on the spot. When the number of candidates is less than the elected, the secret ballot or show of hands can be adopted.
Article30. The judgment of the election abides by the meeting voting principle of chapter 4.


Chapter 6 Procedures for Secession or Replacement

Article31. Members have the right to secede the association. The member to secede should submit written application 15 days in advance, explain reasons for secession and gain approval by the secretariat.
Article32. Any unit of the executive committee to secede should inform the executive council 15 days in advance, submit written application to the executive committee and gain the approval by the executive committee.
Article33. Any commissioners of the professional committee to secede the committee should inform the professional committee 15 days in advance, gain the approval of the professional committee and submit written application to the executive committee and secede after the approval of the executive committee.
Article34. If the unit member does not pay the membership fee and has no special reason after receiving written note of the secretariat, the unit will be considered to quit from the Association within 30 days automatically. If the member unit does not perform its duties or its performance causes severe damage to the Association, the secretariat will report to the executive council to remove its name. 
Article35. If members of the executive committee do not take part in the meetings of the executive committee for 3 times, they will be considered to quit automatically.
Article36. If the unit of the executive committee change members of the executive council because of work, it can report to the executive committee in written form and change after the approve of the executive committee .

Chapter 7 Procedure for Amendment

Article37. Only when one third of commissioners of the executive council and one fourth of the members put forward the revision, the chapter can be amended.
Article38. After putting forward the modification of the constitution, any member unit can raise suggestions and the secretariat finishes the preliminary draft of modification after full solicit of view of all parts. 
Article39. The preliminary draft of modification must be discussed by the general meeting and then becomes effective.

Chapter 8 Procedure for Termination

Article40. The executive committee should put forward the motion for termination when the tasks of the association are accomplished, or when the association need be disbanded, or when the association need be written off for schism, combination or other reasons.
Article41 .The association termination motion should be voted and passed by the executive committee.
Article42. The association is terminated after Chinese national association registration management authority finishes the write-off transaction.

Chapter 9 Fund for Activities

Article43. The association fund comes from:
1) Membership dues paid by all members;
2) Interests of bank deposits;
3) Voluntary subsidizes from members and donations from outside the association;
4) And revenues earned by services the association provides.
Article44. The membership dues standard should be discussed and determined on the association convention.
Article45. When the membership dues standard must be adjusted according to actual situations, it should be adjusted after proposed by the secretariat and passed through by the voting of the convention meeting. If it is inconvenient to summon the convention and it is in urgent need to adjust the standard, the executive committee should have the right to carry on the decision.
Article46. The funds of the association can only be used in the various activities of the association, purchasing the necessary asserts, the expenses of the secretariat and the wages, awards and welfare of the working staff at the secretariat.

Chapter 10 Supplementary Articles

Article47. This chapter is implemented after discussed and passed on the association membership convention on          .
Article48. Only the executive committee has the right to explain the statute.

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